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What do you think of an option in user registration to be put on the user map?

yes, that would be nice to see many more new dots on the map.
no, I think there's other things to do.
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what is that user map?
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ROS user / developer map

Post by ThePhysicist » Thu Dec 01, 2005 1:10 am

I have just looked at the ROS user map. There are only 14 entries I believe (1 from me).
But there are 2048 (nice number) registered forum users. I'd really like to see many more dots on that map (maybe a little smaller).
So my idea: Why not put an option to the user registration, if the user would like to be shown as a dot on the map, and if yes the possibility to choose country and city (maybe a lookup in a 3rd party website for the position) and then put it into the map. I guess many users don't even know about that map and so don't care, but if they would know, they might think "Ok, that's nice, so why not."
To take it to the max: Put an option to show only users who have logged in during a specified time period and/or at least a specified number of times.

For all forum users: in the ROS webste's main menu click on Community then on Users map and follow the link, then look for developer map and click the link. Too complicated? OK, just click here
Then scoll to the bottom of the page and add yourself to the list.
To find out about your latitude/longitude please enter the name of your city + latitude + longitude into google and you might find something.
I hope to see many more red dots on the map soon.

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