Suggestion: .net integration

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Suggestion: .net integration

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I know it sounds crazy and size is likely an issue but I have reasons.
1. Mono(the most likely project for it to be based on) is built to be cross platform and stripping out the cross platform bits is very likely to reduce the size. Also using our existing API would probably allow further size reductions vs Mono's dependence on GTK#.
2.We don't know if Microsoft will all of a sudden decide to make it legally impossible for users to install the their .net framework on ReactOS.
3. .net 3.0 and 4.0 are per-installed on Vista and 7 accordingly. Some applications may depend on this fact and fail with a non-helpful message because they were not designed for older operating systems where these may be missing. The installer based ones are less likely to have this issue but the portable apps variety might.
4. Mono has decided not to support WPF which is required for a large number of applications written for .net 3.0 and 4.0.. Developing WPF support ourselves would likely be less work as we don't have to worry about being cross-platform. It sort of the same situation as Wine not supporting windows drivers.

This overall would strengthen our future compatibility with windows applications. It is often said if it works on windows it should work on ReactOS. And if Microsoft takes their .net framework away from us do we really want to tell a bunch of Vista and 7 developers you have to rewrite your programs if you want them to work here.

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