why no USB support?

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why no USB support?

Post by michaelj2 »

:geek: why does react - OS not have any USB support ? In today's times so many things run on USB ports, you need to have that working !

maybe you can copy the code that makes that work, and then tweak it until you learn how it works, and then write your own code to make it work (usb).

What is the reason that there is no usb support for this operating system... How can I take this operating system seriously if there is no USB support for it ?

mac works with USB. Windows works with USB probably linux does too, why does react-OS not work with USB ?
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Re: why no USB support?

Post by fLuXx »

I see this is only your third post, but you should have looked it up before posting anyway. ReactOS DOES have a USB support, but it is buggy and does not completely work yet. However, many members have reported their flash drives, mice and keyboards working (I wasn't so lucky) and some have even managed booting ReactOS from flash drive. But anyway, it still has a lot of way to go, until it becomes reliable enough.

What you are suggesting is an oversimplified version of what has already been done. The Haiku OS has a USB stack that guys from ReactOS took and adapted to work. However, due to bugs in ReactOS, it is not a completely bug-free port.

Lastly, you are comparing ROS - an alpha-status OS with systems that are being developed by paid teams with large communities for many decades now. I think you'll agree it is not a fair comparison.

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Re: why no USB support?

Post by DOSGuy »

If you're using version 0.3.14 from the main page then, yes, you won't find any USB support. Download the latest build from http://www.reactos.org/getbuilds/ and you'll find support for USB 1.x and 2.0. It's still a work in progress, but I believe that's what you asked for.
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