oracle vs google could be end to reactos

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Re: oracle vs google could be end to reactos

Post by rosfanatic »

Whatever the outcome of this case, it still seems amazing that you can copyright the very thing (an api) that is supposed to simply be your way of publishing to others the way in which they are to interact with you. I could see maybe the documentation for the api, but the api itself... absurd.
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Re: oracle vs google could be end to reactos

Post by SomeGuy »

Since everybody has been so concerned about it, the final part of the verdict is in:

APIs are not copyrightable ... opyrighted
"Judge Alsup in the Google vs Oracle case has finally issued his ruling on the issue of whether or not API's can be copyrighted. That ruling is resounding no. In some fairly clear language the judge says:'a utilitarian and functional set of symbols, each to carry out a pre-assigned function... Duplication of the command structure is necessary for interoperability.'" ... 1173633275 ... decimated/

Told ya it was nothing to worry about.


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Re: oracle vs google could be end to reactos

Post by PurpleGurl »

That is what I figured. This falls under fair use, and the previous rulings on clean disassembly (such as the IBM v. Tandy decision), parody as fair use, and decisions related to look and feel. Public utility and innovation are improved when there is program compatibility. There are so many precedents here, that I don't believe there is much risk here unless there are substantial law changes.

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Re: oracle vs google could be end to reactos

Post by BitBucket »

Does Bill Gates know, that ReactOS has stolen his ideas?

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Re: oracle vs google could be end to reactos

Post by Aeneas »

"Stole" is really great... Have a look at CP/M, Xerox's GUI & Apple's Macintosh (Apple, as opposed to MS, actually had a LICENSE AGREEMENT with Xerox) and VMS and then let's talk... He would crash against the "prior art" that he himself stole from.

However, an idea itself is not patentable, not even in America. Not to mention Europe or Russia. Patentable are inventions, and these need to be non-trivial.

As to Gates himself... good question... for all I know the man is a talented geek himself. The way he is described, I could rather imagine him covertly co-developing ReactOS for the fun of it rather than challenging it...

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