Arm Development and Raspberry pi

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Re: Arm Development and Raspberry pi

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BrentNewland wrote:The point is not to uild ReactOS on a small board, the point is to make it easier to port ReactOS to ARM processors. That and the Raspberry Pi has an ARM processor that is (IIRC) the first one that makes it possible to port ReactOS, due to changes in the memory manager (or something like that). Starting with that as a baseline should make it much easier to support later ARM processors.
While I agree that the point of the Raspberry Pi should be to make it easier to port ReactOS to ARM the processor used by that board is one of an older generation that does not support some opcodes from newer cores that would be needed. At least that is what I've read on the ros-dev mailing list some time ago. That said it could be possible to port ReactOS to the Raspberry Pi, but it would need more effort than a port to a more modern processor.
BrentNewland wrote:There are already ARM motherboards with PCI-Express slots. It's going to become more common.
The biggest problem on ARM systems is the missing possibility to enumerate the available hardware which is available on x86 or x86_64 computers.
BrentNewland wrote:More specifically though, ReactOS has the potential to provide better multitasking on a phone than any other mobile OS. How many mobile operating systems allow you to quickly see all your active/running programs? Allow you to easily browse all files on the system? Provide fast switching between programs? Make it easy to close programs? ReactOS could take care of all that.
It's not only multitasking that needs to be solved. Please remember that e.g. Android runs on Linux and there multitasking is also no problem (and Android itself also provides the possiblities of multitasking). The problem is how to present the user the ability to multitask. I don't think that the usual Windows desktop is per se suitable for a "small" smartphone screen which you control with your finger (not even with a pen!).
BrentNewland wrote:
Aeneas wrote:you are in a German association, a "Verein", after all. But to go around telling me how wonderful it is to start ARM development - sorry, looking at the x86 stage, I cannot but find this laughable! It is as if I made a cute and nice paper airplane and go around concluding contracts for military jets...
ReactOS Foundation is based in Russia, not Germany, I believe.
Yes, the foundation is based in Russia, but there is also a German "ReactOS Deutschland e.V." (an association).

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Re: Arm Development and Raspberry pi

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microsoft has locked desktop application support in windows RT (can be jailborken) could be a nic'e for reactos because you only have to recompile the desktop app with an ARM compiler

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