LIve CD no [BOOT] folder

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LIve CD no [BOOT] folder

Post by ffnick »

burnt live CD from iso using two different apps. neither have [BOOT] folder on CD.
As a result live CD will not boot. Any ideas?
release ReactOS-0.3.14-REL-live

Some MD5s would be useful.
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Re: LIve CD no [BOOT] folder

Post by milon »

MD5: ... OS/0.3.14/

Click on the i button beside "" to get the MD5.

I've not had that problem before, so I'm not sure what to say. Did anything happen when you tried to boot it?
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Re: LIve CD no [BOOT] folder

Post by Bblaauw »

What programs did you try? IMGBURN seems to be worthwile.
You need to download ReactOS (either official release or a recent trunk build) as a file.
If it's a 7Z (7zip) file you downloaded, unpack/decompress it until you get an ISO file. If you had an ISO file anyway (usually only official releases)
Once you have that ISO file, do not unpack/decompress/extract this any further, instead start IMGBURN and select WRITE IMAGE FILE TO DISC.
Next, browse for the ReactOS ISO file and select it. An alternative method is to rightclick the ISO file and select "Burn with IMGBURN".
Afterwards, restart your machine and select CD-DRIVE as boot-device. Press a key to confirm you want to start ReactOS, and have fun.
All in all, an emulator might be easier to have a simple look :)

The only way you see a [BOOT] folder is by extracting the ISO, which you're not supposed to do so unless wanting to modify the contents of this CD Image File.

Unfortunately, ReactOS documentation is very rare about how to create an ISO yourself using standard graphical applications (IMGBURN, NERO, whatever) or console application (MKISOFS/GENISOIMAGE/CDMAKE/XORRISO) , which filesystem is needed (plain old MSDOS-compatible ISO9660? Joliet? UDF? RockRidge?). Current documentation focuses on sourcecode modification followed by building ReactOS (requires more than 4GB space) and ISO generation/creation, instead of modifying/recreating already existing ISO files. ReactOS' standard ISO creation program is CDMAKE, which isn't present anywhere on ReactOS CDs but needs to be compiled first, thus for normal people meaning having to download and compile ReactOS entirely only to get a single binary. (btw, syntax for it is something along the lines of "cdmake.exe -p -m -j -b isoboot.o bcd2 ReactOS ros.iso" )
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