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Idea for boot secuence reestructuration

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 8:49 pm
by HUMA2000
Harry1982 proposed at spanish forum and irc to swicht from the actual boot model to this other: (rosntldr)->osloader.exe->ntoskrnl.exe

In other to get working, we must research the following steps:
1. It must have the system file segments (like 0x7c00)
2. Stub must be able to load other programs using extended memory instruction, getting acces to memory over 1mg.
3. Stub must handle general exceptions, page fault, etc...
4. Stub must be able to find and run the internal PE loader

OSloader.exe will be a freeldr conversion to PE, whit some code cleaned.

He is ready to start working on it if every one is agree.

That reestructuration will allow us to create rc for the freeldr mensages and translate it and, probably, get a bit more of speed at boot time.

**Excuse my bad english please**