ReactOS The Project.

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ReactOS The Project.

Post by syred »

reactOS will never see any success if you don’t let other people from all around of world to be involved with the project and place another piece of work into that huge HUGE building you are trying to build.

It would be great if there was more technical infos, about the structure which this project is based, the levels etc, and much more.

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Post by Quvack »

yeah its a huge project, and needs a lot of people to be able to do a number of things... but theres nothing really stopping people from all over the world helping, there is heaps of technical information about the project provided on the site, in the source, etc...

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Just to dig in!

Post by Jaix »

Well, it's just to dig in!
Follow the forums, the IRC, the Wiki and the Newsletters and you will soon be productive in helping out in what ever giftings you have.

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Post by vIQtor »

I've just found this OS on the net!
With its 13 megs is it really possible to replace my old Windows XP?
I couldn't really find any docs here to figure it out.


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Post by mikedep333 »

Viqtor, FYI, once ReactOS is installed, it's more like 40 or 50, and some apps under development like the package manager aren't included with the CD yet.

Nevertheless, ReactOS is in an alpha state, way too early to be used as a replacement for Windows XP. If you want to see what ReactOS is like, we suggest you try it out in VM, or use the live CD.

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Post by vIQtor »

Thanks :)

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