Bugzilla fault

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Bugzilla fault

Post by oldman »

I have just tried to add some more information to a bug report and when I tried to add an attachment, it said that I needed to log in, showed me the login page. I went back (without re-logging in) a page to where I had written the new report, it showed that I was logged in. I then tried to commit the report and it sent me back to the login page.
I know for sure that I had logged in before I started to write the report.
I have now lost the report!

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Post by hto »

I have now lost the report!
I usually write a report using a text editor, then copy & paste it to Bugzilla.

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Re: Bugzilla fault

Post by gabrielilardi »

I've heard something similar in the past, try setting the option to always keep you logged in when you login to the site, that would help...

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