website needs an 'approved hardware' section

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website needs an 'approved hardware' section

Post by molecule »

one of the reasons IMHO that Linux became successful was that early on they restricted themselves to a narrow hardware platform, to add depth to early development. After things got up and running, hardware support was able to be widened, because people could easily copy drivers that were known to work.

Anyway, it was nice. Users who wanted to get started could build a system using components that were reported on various websites, as "known to work" or "has problems" etc.

ROS website needs a "working hardware" category, where new people can post their hardware, and others can look and see, ok, what's "working" now, even if only in alpha: CPU, chipset, memory (max,min), sata/pata (max,min), FAT (for now), video, sound, LAN, modem, KB+mouse, ... etc.

I've got an Intel Core2 Duo, Intel P45/ICH10 chipset, 2g, 360g SATA 3 partitions (NT, FAT-hidden, NT), 7300GS video, PS/2 kb+mouse, and the .36 and .37 LiveCDs both hang on the GUI, but the QEMU in 2000sp4 works fine.

What would be a plain vanilla hardware setup to start work with for now?

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Re: website needs an 'approved hardware' section

Post by DangerGround »

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Re: website needs an 'approved hardware' section

Post by Black_Fox »

Could you please point me, where in the compatibility database is compatible hardware section? I can only see software...

//EDIT: Ah! Thanks vicmarcal! :)
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