Circa 2001

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Circa 2001

Post by HyTeK »

Google has an old index from Jan 2001 up and is searchable with content from that era.

Doing a search for ReactOS is kind of comical. To remember the days when it was pretty much WinNT 4.0 :shock:

Here's a link to the archive to the reactos site back in the day :lol: ...

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Re: Circa 2001

Post by hto »

Wow :-)
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Re: Circa 2001

Post by vicmarcal »

Remembering the "first?" Reactos Web Page...
Compare and Enjoy all the advances...Step by Step.
Returning to Past:
Link to Version 0.0.14(also you can download the ... m/reactos/
ReactOS 0.0.14 (June 1999)
Reactos 0.3.6(September 2008)
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Re: Circa 2001

Post by Colin Finck »

Yes, according to my information, was the first ReactOS website.
But there's an even older version available on ... m/reactos/

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