Wiki translation?

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Wiki translation?

Post by Denzil »

I'd like to start translation of Wiki to Czech language but don't know how. Is there any easy way or must be created new main page? (something like

Dr. Fred
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Post by Dr. Fred »

Normally someone would create another MediaWiki and link it.

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Post by Pentiumforever »

the best would be if the admin create the new wikis on the server!

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Post by p0tapnik »

So what about this: wiki/index.php/Main_Page:Czech or maybe wiki/index.php/cz/Main_Page - both can be easily done without modifying anything.

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Post by Elledan »

Dr. Fred wrote:Normally someone would create another MediaWiki and link it.
Just like Wikipedia has,, etc. giving each translation its own subdomain, and own wiki.

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