Request: Keep winetests results page upto date

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Request: Keep winetests results page upto date

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This page is of vital importance:

wiki syntax and formating make manually updating such a large table very hard. These tests, if done regularly would help ensure that changes to the code base didn't break things. Most of the code tested by winetests is actually not even maintained by ReactOS, with a few notable exceptions which are manually maintained or even forked(see setupapi). Knowing this it would be wise to run the tests before and after winesync activity.

If we could keep this page valid and meaningful it would be a great way to track progress and help maintain the code base healthy. This will be impossible with the current setup to the extent necesary. We need a special page to do it, a few simple drop down menus(we know all the tests that we have) and some text boxes joined to a small database can do the trick easily. Since I don't know php or anything about ROSCMS so I have to ask someone to do it in this way.
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I'm sorry, but I don't understand what this page is about and how it works. Can you give some more explanation?
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