News articles point to same article

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News articles point to same article

Post by waldo2k2 »

I think there's a slight (possibly) database related problem. If you open any of the 2007 news articles, they all show the last article relating to the new CMS. The article numbers change correctly, however it always shows that articles in 2007. The 2006 articles appear ok.
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Post by Z98 »

Bloody. The newsletters are all fucked up too. frik, you might want to take a look.
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Post by frik85 »

The database is okay, it was just a bug/regression.
I have fixed the language problem and the sorting problem of the news/newsletter pages.
Although, I forgot to check more than one news entry. It looked fine, but a small bug that I have introduced yesterday was the reason that all news and newsletter show always the same entry.
I have fixed it ~2 hours ago, I will regenerate the pages in a few minutes.
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