why reactos?

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why reactos?

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do not attribute this to maxnort, if it ever gets used. attribute it to mycroft xavier tanstaafl. it's not essential, but please try to make the "o" in "mycroft" a small "nul";ø; alt+0248; mycrøft. I am the person able to say all copyright is disclaimed; it may be used, even in an edited form if the message remains, as long as it is credited.
now, to business:

Why reactos? Well, why not reactos? It is not for everyone, afterall. In

fact, it's much like why some people ride a motorcycle -- either you get

it, and don't require an explanation, or there is not much that anyone can

say that will help. Still, here we go. It's about freedom.

There will be those, usually corporate types, who don't get it, who will

respond to this with the word "bulls***". It's expected. Nothing in life

is about freedom for this type of person. For them, life focuses around

materialism; what they have, not who they are or what they do. Often, the

materialism expresses itself in money, greed, and self-centeredness. This

is what they are, and what they believe everyone else is.

Reactos is not for these people. They see a PC as a tool; a means to an

end; nothing more. If it doesn't work, they pay a person to fix it for

them. They pay for everything. They don't want to take the time to

understand how something works. Since it's not about them, they don't care

about it in any meaningful way.

If you are not this person, then reactos is for you.

mycrøft xavier tanstaafl

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