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Magical Nerd
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Blue box on the website

Post by Magical Nerd »

The blue box on the home page of seems to be stuck with no words on it..? (It works fine on Windows, but on ReactOS it's just a blue box) [ external image ]

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Re: Blue box on the website

Post by middings »

Does Wine Internet Explorer render that page properly when running as part of Wine under Linux?

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Re: Blue box on the website

Post by ThFabba »

The blue "ReactOS 0.4.8", your blue box, and the icon next to Download are all text in a custom font. So it seems to be an issue with font loading. For one, I don't know if Wine IE even supports downloaded fonts, so testing in Wine (and also with e.g. Firefox on ROS) would indeed be useful.

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Re: Blue box on the website

Post by learn_more »

Firefox (from rapps) works fine with that font, it is how I confirmed that dynamic font loading was fixed.

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