Create a Off-Topic section in the forum?

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Create a Off-Topic section in the forum?

Create a new section in the forum!
Rename Trash to Off-Topic.
It's good the way it is.
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Create a Off-Topic section in the forum?

Post by LesThor »

I would like to have a Off-Topic section in the forum. So the community can discuss also topics that don't belong to reactos directly (like discussions over other OS).

I know that there is a Trash section. But I think Trash is not the same as Off-Topic. I believe that more people will post to a Off-Topic section than to a Trash section.

So I would like to have the Trash section renamed in Off-Topic

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Post by mikedep333 »

Yes, please create one. Frequently there's stuff about free software that I want to post that isn't about ROS, like about the GPL v3 or anonym.os .

Also, a section on Win32 apps wouldn't be bad either.

Trash should remain because often you have spam or other crap posted in the forums.

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Post by Mrkaras »

Just slightly off-topic :wink: ,I think it might be good to have a programing section for people trying to learn to program for reactos or changing language to ask related questions, mainly for the simple questions but open to anybody.

Not sure about the off topic area, do you realy want to encorage off topic postings?

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Post by andreasm »

Why not renaming "Trash" to "offtopic"? That would be the easiest way..
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Post by .aart3k »

Hey, off-topics are just integrating the communities, so I think that making of this section would be great.

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Post by Ged »

heh, you appear to have somehow found an old thread and agreed with it without checking.

We've had an off topic section for a while now :)


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