Fighting the spam

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Fighting the spam

Post by Black_Fox »

I noticed that the last few days there has been a notable increase in spam (or maybe the registrations were closed before and were opened a week ago?). Is there anything that can be done? This is no longer an academical or ideological question, when half of a forum page is only made of spam posts, this is turning into usability concern.
Are there any plans to handle this - 1st time posters moderation, phpBB addons, some other approach?

Sorry if some other topic already handles this, but (ironically) I can't find the Search function.

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Re: Fighting the spam

Post by Z98 »

We're working our way through a couple of different strategies. The spam that you're seeing is probably a consequence of us successfully locking down the wiki, which now has much stronger controls.

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Re: Fighting the spam

Post by PurpleGurl »

Yes, but what if I were to need to start a new article or upload images? I had taken it on my own to compile a shell documentation article. Unfortunately, I did upload files that later weren't used, with no way to delete them from my end. And worse, I figured that if I could do that, so could anyone, and looking at the filtering done in the wiki log, it is a good thing it is all locked down now.

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