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Read and unread topic icons

Post by Konata »

I'm not sure if this has ever been brought up before, but I just really can't get over how subtle the unread icon is for new forum topics. Does anyone else agree? It seems like it's just a really subtle, light pink. I've tried to live with it since I've been on the forums and I every time I browse it I just need to squint and bend over and really look at my monitor to see if there's unread posts or not.

I'd be willing to make some new forum icons if the mods are okay with it, maybe if they can send me all the icons I'd need to change (since I don't have access to the control panel and all). You know, unread posts, unread topic, read topic, active topic, etc. I was thinking of maybe a simple square with a flat monochrome ROS logo or something. But really anything would be better as long as it's something obvious and not just "white/really light pink".

If the mods don't want to change it, that's fine. I'll just make a userstyle or something. But I'm also concerned about anyone else who might be in the same boat.

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Re: Read and unread topic icons

Post by vicmarcal »

Here they look really dark pink almost red?

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Re: Read and unread topic icons

Post by middings »

To me, the unread topic icons look a bit more red in vicmarcal's example than on the actual ReactOS forum screens.

I do not perceive the color of the unread topic icons to be difficult to distinguish from the read topic icons. I do agree with konata that the unread topic icons are a light red that is almost pink. That appears to be a design decision of the phpbb designers.

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