Do You Still think the old website is ugly?

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Do You Still think the old website is ugly?

Post by gonzoMD »

The first thing: all credits belong to zehnvor, because he did the changes - Thank you!

with a a little bit css he got it that the old website looks very nice now.
This is only on the German website, because he has no access to the global stylesheets:

I don't know how far is the new web site, but this would be a wonderfull workaround.

look here:

[ external image ]

even on the preview link of the new website, that amine khaldi provided, was still the old box style used.
I think with a fresh face like this the new website will be AWESOME.

What your opinion?
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Re: Do You Still think the old website is ugly?

Post by Black_Fox »

I think that the major reason is the underlying CMS, not the actual design - there were much better designs proposed than the current (or the German, which looks a lot more polished - good job!).

EDIT: - another link to the winning design as Pisarz posts below
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Re: Do You Still think the old website is ugly?

Post by SomeGuy »

Yes, the idea was that phase one was to get a new back end in place. Then phase two to improve the design. Phase three: profit!

Unfortunately migrating from a proprietary CMS to a new system isn't as easy as it sounds. Expecially when the system has to seamlessly share accounts between CMS, wiki, bug tracker, and forum.

Personally, I think the look of the current site is fine. But it could use some fresh random thumbnails.
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Re: Do You Still think the old website is ugly?

Post by naums »

@Pizarz: the last post is from 2011. Noone did care about the contest since then and noone made the theme... So... screw that. Sorry for the winner, but it is as it is.

The sharing of Accounts is pretty easy - at least in theory. You gotta force the Forum, the wiki, bugtracker, ... to read the user Account-Data from a single Database-table. There has to be everything for the wiki, bugtacker,... and it has to be called like the software wants it to. But there are probably some other things to consider... so my theory won't work.

Regards Naums
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