ReactOS Peoplemap is released!

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ReactOS Peoplemap is released!

Post by Jaix »

ReactOS Peoplemap is released, it's just to put your pin on your actual location.


The pin will carry your ReactOS homepage login information, however when you have set your position you will have to update the webbrowser to be able to see the category the login-system have on you.

If you want to move your pin you press "My Location on the Map" and then the "Use The Marker" button, then you can move it and set it again.

[ external image ]

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Post by dreams »

Nice work! Added myself.

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Post by Guennie1568 »

I added me too :) perhaps anyone can find me in germany?
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Post by elhoir »

there are many german people in ros!
i am in peoplemap too :-P

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Post by LRN »

Funny thing :)
I didn't knew though that Bragin lives in Kremlin...Ha! Now we know, who's the real power behind the project! ;)

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Good Job!!!

Post by Magik_18l »

Good job!! I think we need more people in Poland :D

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Re: Good Job!!!

Post by elhoir »

Magik_18l wrote:Good job!! I think we need more people in Poland :D
same in Spain

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one in South America?

Post by tomleem »

Since it shows only one user in South America, we need more from there(?). :?: :idea:
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Post by RaptorEmperor »

Added myself! There don't seem to be many users on the East Coast, though. Hopefully we'll gain more momentum when ReactOS finally hits beta.

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Post by SdC »

I think it's great so many users are adding themselves, there seem to be a lot of members in the forum who visit regularly! :lol:

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Post by Manz »

Just added myself! I dragged the pin in an empty area where the street I live in has recently been built but it doesn't show up in the map yet! :P


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Post by Haos »

Could you please stop spamming this thread. This is News forum, not your Googlemap chit chat.

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