kqemu goes GPL !!!

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kqemu goes GPL !!!

Post by GreyGhost »

Yeah i know this isn't ReactOS news but ...
yep kqemu went GPL according to the official site here ...

the changelog clearly states the license to be now GPL version2..
http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/kqe ... gelog.html

yep.. now those who wouldnt uuse kqemu cos it wasnt GPL ... u don't have a reason now... so pick up ur QEMU and start testing ROS ...
and also QEMU 0.9.0 is out ...

Windows build of QEMU 0.9.0 can be found here ..

isn't this GREAT !!
THANKS Fabrice Bellard !!!!
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Post by preston »

great news!

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Great news!

Post by Jaix »

This is indeed great news!
Thanks GreyGhost for telling us!

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Post by adezm »

0.9.0 for Windows is already there :)

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Post by GreyGhost »

Good ... they weren't when i wrote the first post (i'll edit it now..)
Thanks for the info ..
Regards GreyGhost

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