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ReactIT 0.13D:100% compatible tested BUILDS: Debug 44368 to ... ( please test React-IT on this versions )
ReactIT 0.12:100% compatible tested BUILDS: Debug 41895 to 42339 ( please test React-IT on this versions )
ReactIT 0.11:100% compatible tested BUILDS: Release/Debug 41842 to 41895 ( please test React-IT on this versions )


If ethernet card works:
Install compatible ReactOS Release Build from SVN ( ) or a DEBUG BUILD for Audio-TESTS (much more lucky circumstances)
close all the "hardware wizard windows" simply by "CANCEL"
open the command prompt ( START --> RUN.. --> CMD )
type: dwnl ( see this snapshot ... eactos.jpg ) or download a DEBUG version of ReactIT for AUDIO-TESTS (ReactIT-DBG.exe)
wait for the download... ( it can take a long time )
when finished
type: reactit.exe

if ethernet card don't works
Burn a CD using this ISO:
Install compatible ReactOS Debug Build from SVN ( )
close all the "hardware wizard windows" simply by "CANCEL"
Start ReactIT.exe from the burned CD using Reactos-Explorer

Try ReactIT on a virtualized PC (win32)

Download EasyReactIT from here:
this is a Qemu GUI with a 8.2 Gbyte HD image
unpack it where you want, then launch EasyReactIT.exe
download a compatible ReactOS ISO (Release) by pressing "Push to Download latest 7-Zipped CDROM-ISO from SVN" button (OR a DEBUG BUILD if you want to try some AUDIO-TESTS )
open 7zip image and MOVE the ISO file on the folder opened by pressing the "CD FOLDER" button
Press "UPDATE FROM CD" and install ReactOS on the 8.2 Gbyte virtual Disk
Completely install reactos, close Qemu window, then open REACTOS HARD-DISK using "OPEN HD" button
Download React-IT installer from : ( or Reactit-DBG.exe if you want to try some AUDIO-TESTS )
copy ReactIT.exe on Root of ReactOS-DISK
close all the explorer-windows on screen , the press "CLOSE HD"
now, just press START button on EasyReactIT and when ReactOS start, launch ReactIT.exe from REactOS-Explorer

Try ReactIT on a virtualized PC (Linux)
Install compatible ReactOS Build (Release) on your favorite Virtualizator ( Qemu / VBOX )
then follow the "real HARDWARE" steps.

Install audio driver on QEMU / VBOX
when REACT-IT installation is complete, computer will be Rebooted
make sure the internet connection is available ( normally the NAT virtual connection works fine )
when Hardware-Wizard windows appears, just open START MENU and select: PROGRAMS --> AUDIO DRIVERS --> Install Ac'97 driver for Qemu-Vbox
Drivers will be downloaded from ReactOS site...
press the EXTRACT button on SFX window
complete installation of hardware pressing many times the NEXT button.
Reboot, and the Audio driver will work, ( You should hear the Startup Sound )


Code: Select all

06-11-2009 Updated Kernel to 43988 build ( Now version id 0.13B )
Special LinuxDay (Added OpenOffice)
08-10-2009 Updated Kernel to Latest ROS-Build ( Now version is 0.13 )
07-10-2009 Added Batch procedure to change Background to BLUE
05-10-2009 Updated Kernel to Latest ROS-Build ( Now version is 0.13pre )
25-09-2009 Updated Dax Shell
16-09-2009 Added a new Online Game
15-09-2009 Added new Wallpapers
20-08-2009 Added new Icon Set (Crystal)
02-08.2009 Some changes to Dax Shell resources and ReactOS colours
02-08-2009 Updated Dax shell to latest
01-08-2009 Updated Kernel to Build 42327 ( Now version is 0.12D )
01-08-2009 Updated Dax Shell
01-08-2009 Added AbiWord
29-07-2009 Updated Wallpaper
20-07-2009 Updated Dax-Explorer Alpha (now version is 0.12C)
20-07-2009 Updated Kernel to build 42000 
19-07-2009 Updated Explorer Icon Set to only-Echo
19-07-2009 Updated Shell32 Icon Set to only-Echo
16-07-2009 Updated Wallpaper, Colors and Dax-Explorer Alpha (now version is 0.12B+)
16-07-2009 Removed some old Pictures (now version is 0.12b)
15-07-2009 Removed Lean-Dax Explorer, added new DaxExplorer Alpha
15-07-2009 Updated kernel, added AudioResetter Apllication
14-07-2009 Some changes to Wallpaper , improved VLC audio Playback
14-07-2009 Added some AutoDownload/install Batch procedures for audio drivers
14-07-2009 Added 7Zip (only for Prompt use)
13-07-2009 Updated Kernel
13-07-2009 Some changes to Wallpapers Sounds Explorer Start Memu
13-07-2009 First version of ReactIT 0.12 (pre)  
12-07-2009 Updated Debug and Release Versions ( now 0.11F++ )
12-07-2209 Updated Installer to version 0.13 ( fixed IT VLC directx video-out )
11-07-2009 Added 5 new Mp3 from Freeaudio (CC) site
11-07-2009 Updated INstaller to version 0.12 ( now support EN and IT , 0.11F+ ) 
11-07-2009 Added DEBUG versions of ReactIT ( sysaudio always starts! )
11-07-2009 Updated Kernel to Build 41855 ( now version is 0.11F )
10-07-2009 Added Tributo.exe Sound Demo and new Start-Menu Sound-tests section
05-07-2009 Updated Kernel to Build 41777 ( now version is 0.11E++)
03-07-2009 Some changes to icons
28-06-2009 Updated Kernel to Build 41673 ( now version is 0.11E+ )
28-06-2009 Some changes ( like-7 ) to the ReactOS Explorer Start Button, increased some icons.
28-06-2009 Fixed the File-Manager-swapper ( i think sutdown sequence is too fast.. and Regedit fails to save changes )
27-06-2009 Added the nice S1501 PacMan Wallpaper ( now version is 011E )
27-06-2009 Added Dax-Explorer ( from Lean Explorer ) and a swap function for the original shell.
26-06-2009 Updated Kernel to 41615 added a new wallpaper (now version is 0.11d+)
26-06-2009 Changed shell32 and explorer icon-set to KDE-NOIA
26-06-2009 Updated Kernel to 41600 (now version is 0.11d)
25-06-2009 Added a new downloadable theme
25-06-2009 changed icons to Explorer ( and other minimal changes )
24-06-2009 Added a new Icon Set to an alternative shell32 
23-06-2009 Upddated Kernel to 41569, fixed some links
23-06-2009 Added Auto-Wallpaper Downloader, and Theme Downloader
23-06-2009 Added WineCFG (with sources)
22-06-2009 Added Gameboy roms downloader (now version is 0.11b )
21-06-2009 some fixes to startmenu Links 
21-06-2009 Updated Kernel to 41500 (now version is 0.11a)
20-06-2009 Added Audio Driver Download-system
19-06-2009 Added the StartupSound.exe utility
18-06-2009 updated BSOD-SHUTDOWN-LOGON changes.
17-06-2009 Removed React-IT.exe startup Utility and Userinit changes.
16-06-2009 some changes to wallpaper and startup sound
15-06-2009 Added some registry changes
10-06-2009 Updated EasyReactIT to 0.25
04-06-2009 Updated Kernel to 41264 (now version is 0.10e)
03-06-2009 Changed Icon Theme to ECHO+GnomeGreen
02-06-2009 Added new Registry Entries for TugZip
01-06-2009 Updated EasyReactIT to 0.24, Qemu to 0.10.5 and WinQemu to 0.10.5
29-05-2009 Added new Blue WallPaper
28-05-2009 Updated sources to Reactos Build 41152 (now Version is 0.10d)
23-05-2009 Increased HD image to 8200 Mbytes Updated to Build 41059
22-05-2009 Added EasyReactIT 0.22 + VDK ( vmdk-image mounter )
20-05-2009 ReactIT-0.10c(debug) ( Fixed Bugs, Upgraded to Qemu 0.10.4 )
19-05-2009 ReactIT-0.10b(Release) ( increased Speed )
18-05-2009 First ReactIT-0.10(debug) for BetaTesters
12-05-2009 Added EasyReactIT 0.20 (changes to Kqemu Management)
11-05-2009 Reverting INSTALLER back to RAR
10-05-2009 Added UNINSTALL feature to NSIS installer
09-05-2009 Added EasyReactIT 0.19 ( Kqemu Forcer )
07-05-2009 Added EasyReactIT 0.18, Changed Installer.. NOW NSIS
06-05-2009 Added EasyReactIT 0.17 + Qemu 0.10.3 + WinQemu 0.10.2
30-04-2009 Added EasyReactIT 0.16 ( 128/192/256 RAM Switch )
24-04-2009 Added EasyReactIT 0.15 ( ReactOS compatible )
16-04-2009 added Kqemu Instructions ( a Jpg File )
15-04-2009 Updated Kqemu to 1.4
14-04-2009 Added ReactPlayer NULL-GUI
14-04-2009 Upgraded to 40501 Build
14-04-2009 Updated EasyReactIT to 0.14
13-04-2009 Updated Qemu to 0.10.2 Version.
0.12D, with Dax Shell and theme .. ( some tests with KDE for Windows )
[ external image ]
0.12 New Icon set.
[ external image ]
Themed 0.11:
[ external image ]
Themed 0.10:
[ external image ]
Normal 0.10:
[ external image ]
An old pre-release test:
[ external image ]
The preliminary 0.11D+:
[ external image ]

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Davy Bartoloni
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Re: React-IT! , ( Features-Updater for Real Hardware )

Post by Davy Bartoloni »

il topic e stato unstickato, eventuali modifiche a ReactIT verranno principalmente postate sul blog di altervista.
ancora grazie a Gabriel che e' risucito a farlo sbloccare in tempi brevi ( ricordo l'odissea dell' ultima operazione di questo tipo :) )

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Re: React-IT! , ( Features-Updater for Real Hardware )

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Davy Bartoloni wrote:il topic e stato unstickato, eventuali modifiche a ReactIT verranno principalmente postate sul blog di altervista.
ancora grazie a Gabriel che e' risucito a farlo sbloccare in tempi brevi ( ricordo l'odissea dell' ultima operazione di questo tipo :) )
Ho dovuto chiamare Houston, ma ce l'abbiamo fatta :lol:

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