USB merge ( Let's start the ReactOS revolution )

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USB merge ( Let's start the ReactOS revolution )

Post by Davy Bartoloni »

08:26 today ReactOS
Commit by cgutman :: r55555 reactos/ (144 files in 45 dirs): (link)


We proudly merge the first charge of the usb-bringup branch. We do want to stress hardware support is still under heavy development and testing in real hardware is experimental
Merge the Human Interface Device Stack(HID) which is used for mice / keyboards and other devices which use the USB interface, consisting of hidusb, hidparse, hidclass, mouhid, kbdhid
Merge the composite driver, supports USB composite devices, laid out in usbccgp
Merge the generic hub driver, which supports the USB root hub and in future USB hubs. Driver is usbhub
Merge the Open Host Controller Interface driver (ohci)
Merge the Enhanced Host Controller Interface driver (ehci)
Merge the many fixes in other areas of ReactOS needed for USB to work (ntoskrnl, pci, inf, umpnpmgr, usetup)
Special thanks goes the Haiku team, whose excellent code has provided a great base for the development of the new ReactOS USB / HID stack
The development of the USB stack has shown the great potential when ReactOS developers team up together to achieve a common goal. The involved developers are here, listed alphabetically: Alex Ionescu Amine Khaldi Cameron Gutman Johannes Anderwald Michel Martin Thomas Faber Thomas Lotz(Haiku)
Let's start the ReactOS revolution
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Re: USB merge ( Let's start the ReactOS revolution )

Post by valiereliech »

Notizia fantastica :) Che finalmente vedremo la 0.4?
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Re: USB merge ( Let's start the ReactOS revolution )

Post by Ey3 »

Wow, il supporto USB è qualcosa che ormai doveva assolutamente arrivare, è qualcosa di necessario se si vuole iniziare a provare ROS su hardware anche un po' più recenti.
Oltre al supporto mouse e tastiera (che dovrebbe essere a buon punto) e a quello di storage (che invece penso richiederà ancora molto molto tempo), si hanno info sulla possibilità di fare debugging via USB? Sul muletto di test non c'è più montata la porta seriale vecchio stile... :(
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