Using ReactOS storage and other drivers with MS

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Using ReactOS storage and other drivers with MS

Post by tyanite »

Often one may ask about using Windows drivers with ReactOS. I'm asking about the opposite in this post for a specific reason. I am looking at the possibility of using ReactOS mass storage drive and HAL with MS Windows. No, I'm not terribly crazy. A little bit, yes.

Why do I want this? In short, and probably a little inaccurately stated, an MS Windows storage driver more or less hard-links to a specific hard disk on which it is installed. Combined with the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) specifics, this makes migration of the OS from one type of PC to another very difficult. Yeah, yeah, yeah; I'm leaving out a bunch of stuff about how all that works. But that's the gist.

I'd like to make a Windows image that will pretty much work with any hardware I decide to flash it to. It can't be impossible, right?

One can use sysprep or OpenGates ( to get around some of these complications with Windows, but I was hoping for something better. Until my absolute favourite project, ReactOS is ready for prime time, I'm hoping to find a mass storage driver to use with Windows that doesn't care so much about the specific hard drive - and a HAL that isn't so choosy about the motherboard capabilities and BIOS dates. My hope is to somehow find something from ReactOS that I can slip in for the HAL and mass storage driver to make migration much, much easier.

What are your thoughts?

On a separate note, how about a feature full live ReactOS CD or DVD that gives more features than BartPE or WinPE? I'd like to see a live ReactOS instance work much more like a live Knoppix or Ubuntu CD/DVD.

I'm not a programmer, just a tinkerer and dreamer.

Thanks for your input.
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Re: Using ReactOS storage and other drivers with MS

Post by Haos »

I wouldn't try it before ROS storage stack matures enough to be at least on par with Windows NT ones.
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