Hooking GLOBALMEMORYSTATUS possible? (WinXP)

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Hooking GLOBALMEMORYSTATUS possible? (WinXP)

Post by Tobi »

I just wanted to ask if there's any chance to API hook the GLOBALMEMORYSTATUS function of Windows XP SP3?

I have 2GBs of RAM an an older program which refuses to start due to a negative memory size. So the plan is to hook GLOBALMEMORYSTATUS to report a faked & limited mem size temporarily. Is this possible at all?

I already know that I can limit the memory size at windows startup, but it would be more comfortable if I could do this only for a single program during an ordinary session... ;)
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Re: Hooking GLOBALMEMORYSTATUS possible? (WinXP)

Post by Lone_Rifle »

What program would this be? Could you take the less technical approach of running it in its own VM?
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