What about FreeOS/1 ?

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Re: What about FreeOS/1 ?

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dcomander1 wrote:and too old for future windows and linux variants.
I have some old laptops, one I been playing with lately is a Thinkpad 760XL... P150 with 92MB ram... Currently running Debian Squeeze (Testing) kernel 2.6.36, JWM for a desktop, and Dillo-2.2 as a web browser.

I don't think you can get much older of a machine with much newer of an OS :P

It aint the fastest machine in the world... but it's nice to leave under the desk and have an internet ready machine there when the main system doesn't boot for whatever reason so google can rescue me :)

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Re: What about FreeOS/1 ?

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Most people don't know how to use anything other then Mac OS X or windows or both. I am planning to combine the best of all worlds - windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and also make the operating system safer, faster, more reliable, and geared toward user friendliness and user customization. For the window manager, I will be using a few, that will be edited for user friendliness, and will chosen automatically by the computer optimization utility run directly after setup - IceWM, XFCE, twm, GNOME, Openbox (with XFCE), and Fluxbox (with IceWM). The said computer optimization utility will automatically choose what features will be included based on system memory, CPU strength, and hard drive space, creating the perfect mix of performance and usability.

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Re: What about FreeOS/1 ?

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This thread should be moved to Offtopic section.

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