The $500 Good Code Grant 2.0

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The $500 Good Code Grant 2.0

Post by Lone_Rifle » ... ation.aspx

The only problem now is coming up with how our project prevents bad code from being created.

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Re: The $500 Good Code Grant 2.0

Post by d3drocks »

cause bad code means less compatibility?

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Re: The $500 Good Code Grant 2.0

Post by swight »

maybe create some type of optional(unless it happens to be really fast) program filter that detects bad programming practices as the program is loaded to memory? Then ReactOs could keep a log of some of the bad practices it detects, possibly along with an optional messagebox that appears if at least one bad programming practice has been detected. My guess is that this type of thing would be easier in OS code rather than outside due to easier access to the true machine code(rather than the byte code used by some languages).

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Re: The $500 Good Code Grant 2.0

Post by dark »

As for how it can make a difference, see CFI (community funded ideas): The getting windows debuggers to work is probably the most needed one.

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Re: The $500 Good Code Grant 2.0

Post by SuperDog »

50,000$ makes sense. 500$ doesn't.

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Re: The $500 Good Code Grant 2.0

Post by Haos »

Its mostly about lulz and bragging rights.

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