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I still fail to see why he's going on about this. What manatails has done is perfectly fine. Either way, just move on.

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Post by DangerGround »

I think the trouble is, that this picture is influenced by another picture with that video game character which looks very similar. So that this painting is illegalized from him, like if someone is painting a picture which looks like the mona lisa or something else. So that manatails007 got the full attention without any reference to the original.
The problem seems to be that there isn't a statement with a reference to the original picture which maybe cause a copyright violation(?).

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No. There is no legal requirement for attribution that I'm aware of. Blackcrack is assuming the arguments others used against him (I was not one of them) applies to this situation. They don't.

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Post by manatails007 »

Please remember that

1. It is not official picture
2. It was just for practice/fun
3. my name? because I draw it.(if you draw a building, you might write your name, not builder's name)

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Hy manatails007,

take it easy and forget it.. maby i have make a mistake,
but .. naa.. forget it..
many greetings

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