ReactOS on a USB Jump/Pen Drive??

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ReactOS on a USB Jump/Pen Drive??

Post by opticburst »

I have been utilizing Damn Small Linux (dsl) for quite sometime now. Fairly recently I discovered this project. I Think ReactOS can really go a long way.

I currently have installed Damn Small Linux onto a 2GB USB Jump Drive. I can restart my PC and boot Linux directly from the USB drive.

Now, I figure you can probally setup a USB Jump Drive to boot ReactOS..
If that is the case, then we just reinvented the next PC. As technology continues to grow, developers are gaining advances in the standard for home electronics..

Basically, I have seen USB ports on just about everything these days. Ex: Cars Stereo's, Digital Cable boxes, Televisions.

Yes, Televisions. Take a trip around Best Buy some time and really look at some of these new HDTV Plasma's, DLP's, and LCD's. Some brands have USB ports and some done. However, over the last 4 years USB ports and Network Interfaces are quickly becoming standard.

ReactOS and other OS's now are in the infantcy stages of technology and smart minded developers think beyond the big picture. This forum appears to be based on how to compete with Vista.. I am saying who is Microsuck and lets leave them behind us. I am not looking for any replies however just wanted to say an idea that can become gold.

Facts on Televisions:
- Are able to connect to Broadband.
- Have the ability to add optional keyboard
- Have USB Ports

I think more research into the future on current technologies will snuf out Microsuck. When ReactOS becomes the standard OS for home entertainment or media center you'll thank me for the idea.

Philips is the largest holder of patents on televisions in the world. I would start there. There may be a need for the spec on each television brand and makes micro processor.

You may be able to pitch this idea to Intel or Philips or someone??

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Regular Size ROS on an USB Drive

Post by tomleem »

I think the regular size ReactOS would fit onto a 2 gigabyte USB drive. ReactOS is still under developement but it would be neat to boot from an USB drive that had ReactOS on it. :idea: 8)
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Post by betaluva »

the other day i was bored so downloaded the newest build of the reactos live cd and copied the files to a bootable usbstick and tried to boot it on real hardware ,it didnt boot ,so then i downloaded the newest build of the reactos boot cd ,installed on to a vmware virtual machine,then i opened the virtual machine and copied all of the files to the usbstick (after i had removed all of the reactos files from the live cd) and booted the usbstick on real hardware and it booted but it didnt boot to the desktop but instead it acted as boot cd does.(meaning it was like it was using the original boot cd,it showed me the reactos installer?) i didnt go any further because i didnt want to install reactos on to my hardrive.

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Post by Reacter »

It would be sort of funny to see what ROS would do when faced with an external TeraByte hard drive ;) Would you have a ton of space, or would it boot ...
More ReactOS, please!

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