Asus Eee $200-$300 dollar laptop

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This sounds very good! I don't own a TV but im eager for the results of your experiments.

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Re: Asus Eee $200-$300 dollar laptop

Post by andrewweb »

kevintrooper wrote:Sorry Reactos will not work on it only linux compat! and theres no cd drive!
What a load of absolutely stupid rubbish. It says how to install XP on their site for goodness sake! It works with any os with compatible architecture specs and drives! Come on! :roll:

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Re: Asus Eee $200-$300 dollar laptop

Post by alondran »

My Laptop Keyboard types different letters then the one its suppose to.How do i fix it? My laptop keyboard types different keys then its suppose to. Like if you type K itll type 2 if you type J it will type 1 but the numbers are the same when you type them. How do i fix this?

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Re: Asus Eee $200-$300 dollar laptop

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A bit off topic, but it sounds like you have got numlock turned on, turn it off and you will be back to normal.

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Re: Asus Eee $200-$300 dollar laptop

Post by rocket44 »

After looking at the Asus eee specs, I agree, although it is not a powerhouse with the 4gb, it still seems to offer a good bit for the money, only a couple hundred dollars. The ReactOS would make it a major steal, but not having the CD drive is kind of a bummer. I fully believe after researching it that you should be able to easily install it with an external cd drive or a usb stick, am I correct on this? Is it compatible? thanks.

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Re: Asus Eee $200-$300 dollar laptop

Post by Adain25 »

Thanks for taking the time to help, I really apprciate it.

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Re: Asus Eee $200-$300 dollar laptop

Post by swight »

From what I have gathered from various forum posts you may have a bit of trouble as ReactOS lacks full USB support. Think only keyboard and mouse are currently supported via USB.

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Re: Asus Eee $200-$300 dollar laptop

Post by tomleem »

I have an Asus EEE 701a pc. Each new release of ReactOS I try to install on it. No success yet but I will keep trying. I think ReactOS would make an excellent netbook operating system but that is just my opinion. 8-)

I think some one did get ReactOS installed on an Asus EEE computer on the forum of EEE User. 8-)
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