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anyone know any good tweaks for 9x to improve stability or any third party apps
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There's some great software to fix all of the problems with Windows 98, it's called Windows XP. It's worth a try ;)
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I don`t know about any tweaks but u can check this:
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98 lite. Removes IE. Once, there was a virus for Windows 9x called Windows ME. After using it, I don't recommend you get the upgrade the turns 98 into ME.
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if you set correctly a win98 machine, it'll become very stable. just remember there's dos inside :wink: i sometimes still use it now and it works perfectly. i had many friends that, after trying windows xp, went back to 98 until sp2 was released. and on some pcs, windows xp gave much more bluescreens than 98 (tipically with very cheap motherboards)

there are a lot of tricks, i tried many in my computers. by just enabling ems in config.sys and setting "conservativeswapfileusage" (= uses full ram before swapping) you'll get a more stable and a little faster system.

download tweakui 1.33 (it's freeware) and xteq x-setup 6.6 (last freeware version), and you'll have a lot to try (for example, "reserve more memory for dos programs" or the swap file options) :)
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There's lots of interesting stuff, Auto-patcher, KernelEx, Revolutions Pack...
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