When your machine won't run MS what then?

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Post by jason.b.c »

first off, is easy to see you have a personal crusade against ubuntu.. problems you had that not everybody had...
No , No i wouldn't go that far..

What you need to understand is , Alot of people have gotten pissed at ubuntu , because of whatever reason - mainly all for the same reason's though...

as Ubuntu is Debian based, I take that the only thing you don't like are the extras... well, good grief... as it is what many people like (and a good reason why freespire is changing to it)..
Yes , ubuntu is debian based , but do not confuse that with "basicly the same as debian" their are a LOT of differances...

Yea ubuntu is based on debian , but it is no longer debian , it is something else entirely now...

Oh , and WHAT extras...
good luck with your debian
thanks , but not for the sarcasim.. should i not go with debian..? why..?

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Post by oiaohm »

I think people don't see that I still get dos machines coming in and people asking me to fix them.

On if Microsoft is going to drop XP as soon as you think. Microsoft need to get a new play book. Really. Middle of year you will know if they are or not truly. Current is FUD Fear, uncertainty and doubt. If they don't kick start Vista sales soon is dieing. Vista is selling slower now than XP last year at less that a quarter of XP sales currently its not looking that good. People are still buying XP.

Starter Versions of XP will still be availbe long time after the 2008 dead line already started. Yes Starter crippled versions are not much fun. There is talk about a new version of XP as well for low spec machines.

Microsoft is sneeky they said Window XP Pro would not be buy able after 2007. That does not mean XP will not be buy able but under a different name.

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Post by Phobos »

mikedep, the problem is not to stick with it (XP), but to be able to get it in the first place

jason, that was not sarcasm.. I really wish you good luck with debian, since you don't seem to have had it with ubuntu

and oiaohm, XP starter edition is a toned down XP... therefore, not an OS with full capabilities (as seen herehttp://www.microsoft.com/presspass/news ... terFS.mspx) and is not the best choice for most people

I really doubt that a new rebranded XP will ever appear, as with it MS would be accepting Vista is "not good" (something they have denied till now.. just like when the total genuine copies of vista in china was announced).. but well... I don't know..

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Post by oiaohm »

I know the starter edition is a toned down XP.

Question you have to ask yourself. Is the trash starter edition going to be able to compete long term against ubuntu. This is the reason why there has been talk about expanding starter.

Please note what I said. Microsoft said Windows XP Profesional would be droped.
Note the versions of XP.
* Home Edition
* Professional Edition
* Media Center Edition
* Tablet PC Edition
* Professional x64 Edition
There is 5 names only one is said as dead. Middle of year is when we will know for sure.

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Folks, I am on a microslop machine now... Ubuntu is booting

Post by MtnTopRebel »

I would like windars if the company wasn't so greedy, and would rather clean up their product instead of seeing just how much resource they can waste. I have played with ReactOS, and am anxiously awaiting 1xxx. I like Linux too, the model they have come up with, is probably the only concept that would ever survive the MS power. If inventors with their 200 mpg engine or over unity device would put it out under the GPL concept, we might not be suffering the 3 dollar and more gas, and by the way, I live off the grid, and am running 3 dollar gas to make the power to be on this thing.
But the point I want to make here from working in the field with computers, is people loose things, or would rather pay me to read and fix their computer for them, and bless them it feeds my family. Yesterday I worked on a window 98 machine, Now this lady would never think of pirating software, but her Office 2000 Word section wasn't working, and when I tried to repair, we discovered she had lost her ProductKey. I left her a copy of Open Office. It seems I run into this constantly, so to think that just because someone has 98, 2000, XP or what ever, that when the machine crashes, that they will be able to re-install their beloved OS. The other mess out there is the customer who faithfully has upgraded from 95 to 98 to 2000, then XP and now Vista, woops the machine crashes, and where is that 95 disk or the Product Key. I venture to say may people buy the OS over and over because they cannot keep track of the disk or the numbers. So just because you have an old MS OS doesn't mean you still have it, or the disk works oroftware I believe will be the down fall of the empire. And when it does I hope R....... then there's the used computer off ebay or the thrift store that needs an OS. The constant move forward to ever bigger and bigger "bloated" operating systems. That's why I hope ReactOS is there to take up the gap.

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Post by mikedep333 »

MtnTopRebel: I certainly see what you are saying. I have seen a number of people lose their office cd-keys and have to buy a new version. I usually try to convert them to openoffice instead.

However, most people stick with the version of windows that comes with their computer. And the CD-key for that is on a sticker on the side or bottom of the computer, so you can never really lose it. If you lose the disc, then you take your computer to your PC repairman and he uses his disc, perhaps copying it for you too. Maybe in other countries it is different today, and it used to be different before they started sticking CD-key stickers on computers. But from what I have seen, very few people are ever left without an OS on their computer. When I look through ebay, I see the majority of computers with Windows on them anyway.

As for the suggestion that Windows is bloated, I really think this is unfair. Windows XP and Vista have alot more features than their predecessors. Even gnome and KDE are criticized as being bloated, and this is because they have alot of features. Higher resource usage is the cost of more features. Microsoft probably isn't the most efficient at using resources, but I don't think they do a seriously bad job.

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Post by Z98 »

Also, as a way to make installation "easier," most new computers come with a recovery partition. That partition pisses the crap out of me on my machines, but it's a lifesaver for tech people, as unless that partition gets fucked up, reinstalling a system is fairly easy.

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