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Enmar wrote:Do you know of an Linux or other OS that would work well on this old hardware?
windows XP would work better than you might think (although more ram would be very good). I have run XP on a 300MHz 350MHz or PC although I think it had a bit more ram (and a better video card, not that that should really matter).

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Thank you for getting back into the Windows territory. XP has run on a '386, 16 MB ram, 500 MB HDD before.... 45 minute boot time though. Assembly is a great place to start, I had the benefit *cough* mistake *cough* of starting there.
More ReactOS, please!

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Yeah but it will be probably very hard for him to find it since he probably don't have AGP so he must search for some old PCI card like tnt2 m64.

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Actually I found out that the video card I was using in my newer computer actually works with the old one (AGP reverse compatibility) which is pretty cool since I do not really need any really expensive or old video card. This being said before I found out it would work I went ahead and bought an AGP 2x/4x from newegg but it works better in my new computer anyway.
I tried xubuntu and "might" try windows xp on it as well as some other distros as long as I don't have to "try" to fix the bootloader.

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