help restore files

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terry brian
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help restore files

Post by terry brian »


Can you help me choose an utility to restore erased data file? I need the best one, as the files are valuable for me. Thay were on NTFS disk, under windows XP

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Post by Mrkaras »

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Post by jjkola »

GetDataBack for NTFS is also very good alternative. It costs a little bit but if the data is valuable then I think that's not an issue.

Edit: Corrected a typo.

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Post by vaux48 »

Maybe, Active@ Undelete will be of use also. It never failed me. It's last version also can boot from its disk even if OS is down and recover files

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Post by Juzeppe »

I believe you can use ARAX Disk Doctor if your data is still unrestored.

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Post by Haos »

EasyRecovery Professional by Ontrack.

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Post by .aart3k »

I've used to play with R-Studio from r-tools when Easy Recovery wan unhelpful for me
of course in dark times of windows installed on my pc :twisted:

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Post by mikedep333 »

Stellar Phoenix is good, but is commercial and doesn't always work.

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Post by Mrkaras »

oh and by the way (a bit late to mention it now) don't write to the disk until you have recovered you're file(s). every write reduces your already low enough chances of recovery.

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Post by jezebelus »

Yeah because when you delete your files they are not actually deleted you only delete information about them. They are still present on the disk until other data overwrites them.

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