ReactOS Promote plan...

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Re: ReactOS Promote plan...

Post by Haos »

Foundations are not companies.

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Re: ReactOS Promote plan...

Post by rexty »

My ReactOS Videos on Youtube: ... F2F916D5C7

Have fun ^^

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Re: ReactOS Promote plan...

Post by coldReactive »

You can also print out fliers.

Might be a bit outdated *shrug*

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Re: ReactOS Promote plan...

Post by GoBusto »

1) Print out ReactOS leaflets and posters.
2) Pin them up on Comp. Sci. noticeboards at your local University.
3) ???
4) Profit!

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Re: ReactOS Promote plan...

Post by FORCE »

Plan update on first page for everyone.

Has anyone here in this forum spreaded flyers or something?.
Currently my mostly used promotion way is comments.

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Re: ReactOS Promote plan...

Post by RaptorEmperor »

So far I just inform people by word-of-mouth. The people that know me know I'm a tech junkie, so they know I'm pretty knowledgeable about computer stuff. If people look on my MySpace and Facebook accounts, they'll hear me brag about testing software for the ReactOS project (Which I admit I should do more of more often.) I have other friends who are tech junkies, so I remind them about ReactOS, to let them know how it's coming along. A lot of hardcore techies use Linux, but I do see some level of interest in ReactOS. Don't know what else to do besides that.

It does seem like the Wikipedia page has been maintained better recently than it has been in the past. A lot of people use Wikipedia, and if they hear the name ReactOS when they look up "open-source" on Wikipedia, it lets them know that the term isn't restricted to Linux and Firefox. Wikipedia is probably the cheapest, most effective publicity we can get, though if you do editing work on it (like I do occasionally) you shouldn't compromise the encyclopedic integrity of the article. I should take some time to upload some of my screenshots to MediaWiki to update the article.

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