FSF "Upcycle Windows 7"

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FSF "Upcycle Windows 7"

Post by theuserbl »

The Free Software Foundation have opened a petition at

The text:
Upcycle Windows 7

Microsoft's support of Windows 7 is over, but its life doesn't have to end. We call on Microsoft to upcycle it instead.

On January 14th, Windows 7 reached its official "end-of-life," bringing an end to its updates as well as its ten years of poisoning education, invading privacy, and threatening user security. The end of Windows 7's lifecycle gives Microsoft the perfect opportunity to undo past wrongs, and to upcycle it instead.

We call on them to release it as free software, and give it to the community to study and improve. As there is already a precedent for releasing some core Windows utilities as free software, Microsoft has nothing to lose by liberating a version of their operating system that they themselves say has "reached its end."

To the executives at Microsoft:
  • We demand that Windows 7 be released as free software. Its life doesn't have to end. Give it to the community to study, modify, and share.
  • We urge you to respect the freedom and privacy of your users - not simply strongarm them into the newest Windows version.
  • We want more proof that you really respect users and user freedom, and aren't just using those concepts as marketing when convenient.
We need your help to send Microsoft a strong message. We want 7,777 supporters to take a stand with us for freedom - not just for ourselves, but for future generations of computer users.

Please stand with us today, and sign below to show your support.
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Re: FSF "Upcycle Windows 7"

Post by binarymaster »

Likely won't happen.

Back to work on ReactOS! :P
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Re: FSF "Upcycle Windows 7"

Post by erkinalp »

We already have a topic for this:
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-likes Free (as in freedom) and Open Source Detergents
-favors open source of Windows 10 under GPL2
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