New Windows 1.0 promotion

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New Windows 1.0 promotion

Post by theuserbl »

As some news mentioned, the logo of the Intagram- and Twitter-account of Windows changed to the Windows 1.0 logo

Also there is a Video, from Windows 10 over Win7, WinXP, W2k, Win95 and Windows 2.0 to Windows 1.0
With an retro-sound and -effects in the background of that video.

And it goes on. They ask, how much memory needs Win1.0
Do you know the answer?

So there is a lot of speculation about it.

Some think, it could be the "Windows Lite". Then called "Windows One" like the "XBox One", which comes after "XBox" and "XBox 360".

Other think, it could be possible, that the sourcecode of Win1.0 could be published under an OpenSource-license, like it have done with MS-DOS 1.25 and MS-DOS 2.0

But the current message of the Windows-sides is: Windows 1.0 is the future.


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Re: New Windows 1.0 promotion

Post by erkinalp »

Windows Ten ~~ Windows One Zero
-uses Ubuntu+GNOME 3 GNU/Linux
-likes Free (as in freedom) and Open Source Detergents
-favors open source of Windows 10 under GPL2

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Re: New Windows 1.0 promotion

Post by TinaSmith »

Wow, will it be a new one? 10th is rather convenient, but its updates... I am not sure that everything is disclosed correctly in it

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