Is Microsoft's acquisition of github a threat?

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Is Microsoft's acquisition of github a threat?

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I see the ReactOS source code is hosted on github, as is the code for many, many open source projects. But ReactOS, more than perhaps any other project, could be a threat to Microsoft in the future. Right now it's still alpha software, so no one would try to use it as their work platform. But hopefully in the future it will be a plausible usable alternative to Microsoft Windows. If any companies start using ReactOS, that would directly hurt Microsoft's profitability.

Now that Microsoft has acquired github, they're in a position to harass and hurt ReactOS.

Is this a concern?

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Re: Is Microsoft's acquisition of github a threat?

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Please keep the Windows classic (9x/2000) look and feel.
The layman's guides to - debugging - bug reporting - compiling - ISO remaster.
They may help you with a problem, so do have a look at them.

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