Boot camp and ReactOS

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Boot camp and ReactOS

Post by zlm1229 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:22 pm

Ok this is a long shot, but maybe it has been done before. I have a MacBook Air, using Windows Via the MacOS application "Boot camp" Since this is a 2015 MacBook, I can only install Windows 10, would it be possible to buy an older Mac, with an Intel processor, and use the older version of boot camp (That supports XP) and instead of using Windows XP, install ReactOS. I doubt it would be perfect it is Alpha of course, but I do know boot camp installs all the drivers for you sooooo.... Is it worth a try? I'm sure someone on this forum has an old Mac laying around and could try it, and if not I may just pull the $50 out of somewhere and buy an old one on eBay.

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Re: Boot camp and ReactOS

Post by middings » Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:45 am

Search the ReactOS Forum for "install MacBook", "install Mac", and "install Macintosh" and see what you find. Perhaps you will find the answer to your question. (The forum search box is on the upper right corner of this forum web page.) Share what you discover.

Note: Observe the ReactOS Forum Code of Conduct. When researching topics that have had no activity in six months or more, be careful not to violate Rule 5, "Do not resurrect threads (topics) that are years old." This is often called 'thread necromancy' or 'necroposting'. The latter is a portmanteau of 'necromancy' and 'posting'. Do not speak to dead threads by posting to them. Instead, follow the advice in the Code of Conduct, "If the last post was years ago, chances are people have forgotten everything that was discussed. If you have points, restate them instead in your new opening post." In one's new topic, one may link to a relevant post in an old topic. Be sure to post to the new topic, not an old one.

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Re: Boot camp and ReactOS

Post by MadWolf » Mon Aug 06, 2018 3:26 am

i do not think it will work but have a look at this

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