OpenGL and DirectX or ReactX ?

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Re: OpenGL and DirectX or ReactX ?

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middings wrote: I do not understand your question. I believe your question rests on some incorrect assumptions about ReactOS (ROS).

Native ReactOS DirectX/ReactX support is possible. However, the active developers (devs) of ReactOS presently have other priorities. The ReactOS project accepts patches.

ReactOS runs on hardware. However, in its alpha level of development, ReactOS hardware support is not yet feature-complete. The devs are working on improving ReactOS's support for hardware driver software.
You didn't understood my question but you did clarify the doubts I had.
EmuandCo wrote:You can NOT start a DirectX clone which is Windows compatible on anything else than a Windows. Linux is no Windows and is in NO way compatible in that low levels we talk about.
And I can see why now.
So ReactX isn't a possibility at the moment.

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Re: OpenGL and DirectX or ReactX ?

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Of course it's possible. Build it on a Win2k3 and you are set (maybe devs do so to be sure their stuff is working fine on Windows and then fixing ROS to do so too), but noone has the resources to do that NOW.
ReactOS is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is recommended only for evaluation and testing purposes.

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Re: OpenGL and DirectX or ReactX ?

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Thank you for the correction, EmuandCo. I now see that I misunderstood TVA.

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