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Community Development

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:14 pm
by MugenFighter
Okay let's say I am a ordinary ReactOS user with programming knowledge (not an official dev though), now let's say I found a bug or missing feature that I wanted fixed in ReactOS. So, I submit a bug report or ask about it on the forums. If then, for example, it was a small rare bug or something the official ReactOS devs doesn't currently have anyone on, and I get impatient and fix the bug or implement the feature myself. Would I have to have my fix as a separate fork, or could I donate my code to the ReactOS project for them to add as an official bug fix or feature. By the way, for simplicity let's say I read the developer guideline before hand and followed it.

Re: Community Development

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:19 pm
by hbelusca
Our policy (as always) is that we welcome patches. From anyone (of course their quality count a lot, so the better they are, the faster they can land in ReactOS' code trunk). So, following your hypothetical case, if you write a patch, just simply attach it inside a bug/new-feature Jira report. Alternatively, if you've a Git ReactOS branch, you can do a push request, but it'll be generally longer to be handled because someone will have to convert the push request into a jira report + port the corresponding patch(es) into SVN form. Then the usual routine happens: people (developers) review it, and if they are happy, they commit it in the trunk. They can also ask you to rework some parts of your patch (bugs introduced, code styling, etc...).
When the patch is OK to be committed, and then is effectively committed, you get something like ... sion=74937:
- fix incorrect file extension management -- patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ
CORE-12354 #resolve
So we mention, the module(s) being concerned, the different changes, the name of the patch contributor (and usually the associated Jira report number). Note that we usually require to have the real name of the contributor, when it comes to real code patches (when it's translations only I personally don't require the real name).