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Post by TestReactOS » Thu Nov 06, 2014 8:52 pm

Hi Guys and Girls,

I have started a new blog called TestReactOS(http://testreactos.blogspot.ie/). I was going to be using it for documenting my testing of ReactOS. On my blog I will start with the basics of whether the program installs and works. Then I will work on creating a debug log and finally post this to ReactOS's bug tracker. Though to do that I need to be able to log into JIRA and it is just saying that I need to contact JIRA administrators. If somebody could point me in the right direction this would be great. Thank you in advanced. :)

If you guys would like to give me feedback about my blog please feel free. Whether it's good or bad things, or if you could give me tips or ideas on how to make the reports and blogs better I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you once again. :D

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Re: TestReactOS

Post by justincase » Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:23 pm

Google, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM, OpenID, ... I don't have any of those. How am I supposed to post comments?
I notice it looks the same as the comment section on the QupZilla blog, but QupZilla allows for "Anonymous" and "Name/URL" comments.

But anyway I noticed that because I was going to make a couple of comments:
You have a copy/pasta error in your "Game Maker Studio v1.3.1347" notes: "Downloaded v13.2 (see below)." should be "Downloaded v1.3.1443 (see below)."
You should mark the ones where you're testing trial versions as trial versions, not paid or free, paid indicates that you've paid for it and are installing and testing with the paid version, and free indicates that the full program is available without charge.
And you should add a background or border on your table to make it easier to follow which notes go with which entry.

And regarding your difficulty with JIRA, you joined today, so your user account probably just hasn't been replicated over to JIRA yet. Try again tomorrow.

Edit - Old releases of XMBC can be downloaded from http://mirrors.xbmc.org/releases/win32/old
And Photoshop CS6 does work on XP (see here), looks like you were downloading it from the wrong place, try here, but you may need a valid Photoshop CS6 serial number to be able to complete the installation.
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Re: TestReactOS

Post by TestReactOS » Thu Nov 06, 2014 10:32 pm

Thanks for your comment justincase :) I have listened to what you have said and I am currently in the middle of making the changes you have suggest.

I have allowed for Anonymous comments so you don't need to have any of those accounts to be able to post comments.
I have also made changes to the copy/paste error you pointed out.
I have also made changes to renaming the column License instead of "Paid/Free" so I will now mark whether I use a Trial, Free or Paid for software.
I have given the table borders to make it easier to read.

I will look into seeing if I can get this table updated with the software you listed from your links and will log into JIRA before the weekend is out. Thank you for all your great help.

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Re: TestReactOS

Post by vicmarcal » Fri Nov 07, 2014 2:53 am

Awesome idea, testing the most voted apps :)

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