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by Durel
Fri Jan 12, 2007 8:16 am
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Topic: What do you think about a "Reactos Creator"?
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I mean something different as the window installer does (or I misunderstood something). If i want to install a programm under windows I have to: -click yes -Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next... -choose Options (directories, link on control panel...) -waiting (sometimes a long time) whi...
by Durel
Wed Jan 03, 2007 1:15 pm
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Topic: Filesystem layout...
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ive alwyas quite fancies the way windows does filesystems over unix types regardless of how it works underneath it. you SHOULD be able to keep all kinds of different things in one folder. throwing everything into random folders "just because it makes more sense!" doesnt exactly make much sense. why ...
by Durel
Tue Jan 02, 2007 12:18 am
Forum: General Discussion and Feedback
Topic: When will it ever be stable?
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After playing around some more i can safely say its already quite stable for me. i just cant do muchw ith it since i cant get it online (or in my network for that matter) BUT! it doesnt crash so far so meh.
by Durel
Mon Jan 01, 2007 11:33 pm
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Topic: More boot time info??
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How many test users are going to faff about with a serial port?. (not me!). my current ROS pc doesnt even HAVE a serial port o_O but then again its build off a dell mainboard so somehow that doesnt surprise me. I agree on the output of debug in every normal version though. surely it wouldnt be that...
by Durel
Mon Jan 01, 2007 6:02 am
Forum: Design
Topic: 3D based desktop?
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I never really got the idea behind a 3D desktop. always been more in favour of blackbox (and windows alternatives) for designing everything the way you want. the only usefull 3d-ish feature i can imagine is using a Z-index (like div layers) and it would be an awesome feature at that. i always want m...
by Durel
Mon Jan 01, 2007 5:52 am
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Topic: Do you have a SMP or multiCore computer?
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Re: Not too many votes...

Not to many people has voted in this thread, but according to the present vote there are more people with multicore/SMP then without, I don't think that is close to the truth, but I think that speaks about the importance of a ROS version that supports it. heh, take one vote away from SMP and add it...
by Durel
Mon Jan 01, 2007 5:37 am
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Topic: (integrated?) image visualizer
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An integrated image vieuwer should not have as many features as ACDsee. i feel its one of the things microsoft did correctly with XP. an image viewer should be exactly what it says it is. something to look at images with a next and previous button. a close button and zoom features prhaps allowing to...
by Durel
Mon Jan 01, 2007 5:33 am
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Topic: Security Software
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Agreed on keeping a anti virus user defined. But really, since most virusses build for windows work on exploits I guess none of the excisting virus scanners are of any use for ROS? A firewall could be build in, as long as it can be turned off (somehow i dont even dare to doubt you would enable us to...
by Durel
Mon Jan 01, 2007 5:20 am
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Topic: Playing around on actual hardware - 0.3.0-RC1
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I have a few spare pcs, but most are relatively new (~ 2ghz >512MB ram)

Ill try installing reactos on a harddisk and moving it between pcs for fun. should be interesting to see how many drivers i can actually get to work but it might be a few days before ill be able to make a testdrive
by Durel
Mon Jan 01, 2007 5:00 am
Forum: Dutch
Topic: Code::Blocks vertalen
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Klopt, als je echt geen verstand hebt van programmeren, zal het vertalen van Code::Blocks ook niet echt goed gaan (alhoewel je kan aanvinken dat er naar een specifieke vertaling gekeken moet worden zodat eventuele onhandige vertalingen altijd gecorrigeerd kunnen worden). Ik persoonlijk kan bijvoorb...