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by luis02128
Mon Jun 27, 2005 6:11 am
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Topic: ReiserFS for ReactOS & Windows -- Full Source Code
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Wha else is there?

Hey is there anything else we might wanna use? I mean what other files systems are there that are open source that are good like ntfs? seurity and reliability?
by luis02128
Sat Jun 25, 2005 9:10 pm
Forum: General Discussion and Feedback
Topic: size of reactos
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ReactOS goals, vision, OS Barebone schematics, etx...

:D :) :( :o x Hello my name is Luis, call me Lui for short. I believe the idea behind ReactOS is to create an OS that is user friendly. If we think about it for a moment, that mifht mean that we will need to get some ideas from the windows OS because its more user friendly. Ok now lets get working: ...