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by nodtveidt
Sat Aug 18, 2007 7:45 am
Forum: Development Help
Topic: BOOK's
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ReactOS will only accept C and assembly for the OS proper, and maybe C++ for certain applications. No exceptions. This thread is a little old, but I felt it was very important to comment on this particular post. The "no exceptions" policy is extremely foolish. While it is fine to code the OS itself...
by nodtveidt
Sat Aug 18, 2007 7:01 am
Forum: Support
Topic: Best VM Setup?
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I am also getting that message in vmware 5.0. I have the guest OS set for "Windows NT". It starts to install, then the CPU dies. I would use the vmware version but it's not optimal (I pre-allocate disk space, 8GB in this case). If it was done before though, it can be done again. Anyone have any good...
by nodtveidt
Fri Feb 11, 2005 2:12 am
Forum: Development Help
Topic: C or C++ ?
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C programs tend to be smaller and more efficient because you're writing code at a lower level. With C++, there's a lot more genericism (that's a word, ain't it? :D ) in common functions, plus there's the issue of breaking down OOP to procedural code...more genericism, thus more code, thus larger and...
by nodtveidt
Thu Feb 10, 2005 6:43 am
Forum: Development Help
Topic: What easy programe can I help with?
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If there is any kind of official list of programs that need creating, could someone point me in the right direction? I cannot offer much help in the way of OS development but I can certainly develop regular software. A list of what's needed would be great. :D What's mentioned in this thread is a goo...
by nodtveidt
Thu Feb 10, 2005 4:00 am
Forum: General Discussion and Feedback
Topic: (maybe) ReactOS Media Player
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Heyas, I'm new to this forum. Didn't even know about this project until today...yup, I live under a rock. :D Anyways, I agree that a media player coming with the system is absolutely critical. I have not yet tried out this OS but if it supports the compiler I personally use, then perhaps I can devel...