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by ewangr
Sat Oct 01, 2005 2:37 am
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Topic: RAID Support?
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RAID Support?

One of the main reasons I moved from Windows XP to Kubuntu was the support for RAID-5 in software under Linux. For the most part, that's "ok". However, there are a couple functions of my TiVO I'm having to live without because it's tied to Windows DirectShow. So, I'm curious as to whether ...
by ewangr
Wed Dec 15, 2004 9:42 pm
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Topic: Newb Question - Building a ROS box?
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Newb Question - Building a ROS box?

For various and sundry reasons, I will be buying a new computer after the first of the year. Stated reason to she who controls the pocketbook is to allow my son to run the Sims 2 game that won't run on his current machine. So far his machine is the only computer at home still running Windows, and I'...