NôÓbsletters: Moar games!Moar compatibility!


Well, let's face it! Users love Games. Me too.

I still have some really great childhood memories, playing with those lovely old games.

Do you remember trying to save the poor Lemmings? Damn, they do seem predestined to fall! 

Or what about XWing? And Dangerous Dave (a blatant game copy of  inspired by Super Mario)? I still have nightmares with the Aliens from X-COM every once in a while !

Yes, they are not "Crysis V" but these games have some strange power to keep people me sitting for hours in front of odd-ugly graphics.

Some of the best adventure games are from that era: Day of the Tentacle, the first Monkey Islands, Sam & Max...



You would probably face tons of issues if you try to run these old games (DOS games) directly in Windows or Linux unless you use an app called DosBOX. For those who don't know about it, it is a (software) BOX where you can run DOS games.It's free, opensource and downlodable through ReactOS Apps Manager(rapps) !

But, no, this is not about DOSBox but about ReactOS...