USB stack improvements GSoC - Week 11

by VardanM | August 10, 2016

I spent last week moving from 2k3 to ROS. After doing final validation of my usbhub changes on 2k3, me and my mentor decided to move to some real world issues. I have setup my development and testing environment work with ROS instead of 2k3.

VS-2015 as IDE for ROS

First of all, I decided to use VS as IDE, to be able to use windbg as debugger. In that case I’ll have minimal changes on workflow I was using on 2k3 before. But I had issues there because of synching from git-mirror of ROS (it was not synched with svn-trunk). I was not able to compile it from Visual Studio. Then I have fixed all errors and successfully built ROS using VS2015 and svn trunk. After that I have got back to my another long term task, to move all commits from GIT branch to SVN.

What to use? "git-svn" or "git + svn approach" ?

I was trying to use git-svn to work with our SVN branch using GIT. But it was very unstable and I was not able to pull from SVN. I was using msys2 environment on my win7 laptop. Then I decided to use GIT + SVN approach to avoid git-svn issues. But… As that approach requires more time to manage repository, after finalization of setup I decided to check git-svn on my Linux machine and it works!!! So now I have my own svn-mirror on my public GIT repo. And also in near future I’ll commit all my patches to my SVN branch too.

Beside of environmental changes have done testing of some Jira tickets. As my working branch was ready in the end of week, I haven’t done any update and also avoided to comment on tickets before having shareable source from where I have synched codes for testing.