USB 1.1 UHCI improvements GSoC - Week 2

by VardanM | June 6, 2016

The second week of coding period I spend on testing and debugging.

As you may remember from previous post, there were all fails in UHCI test spreadsheet. This week I've done same tests with all ROS's usb stack injected along with "usbuhci.sys" but this also not helped. So we can assume that UHCI is not working under 2k3. Also I've found bug (crash) in UHCI driver uninstall flow. In case of EHCI, it is normally denying removal, but in case of UHCI I'm seeing system crash coming from "hub.sys". Now debugging of this issue is in process.

In parallel to debugging, I spent some time reading MSDN topics related points which was unclear for me during debugging. In this period while diving into the code I am very frequently come to the surface to gain information form MSDN, but sure in the future, the things will be clearer for me and I’ll be able to do much in one dive :).

As we have issues not only in usb*hci files but also in another parts of USB stack, I am forced to spend the biggest part of my time doing investigation of codes and reading. For near future I am planning to add removability to our usb drivers. As I saw during tests, none of USB drivers can be removed in ROS. This can hamper debugging in situations when driver reload is needed.

I think that next week will also be the week of mostly investigation and testing. I was planning to have some fixes by this time, but I met some unexpected things which slowed down my progress. I have few final exams next week, after which I’ll be able to spend all my time for the ROS.